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Highlights PB&J Picture Books Workshop

Picture Book Workshop at Highlights Foundation

This workshop with award-winning picture book authors Darcy Pattison and Leslie Helakoski digs deep into the many layers that create strong creative stories. You’ll go beyond the basics to understand the whys behind current PB best sellers. We’ll dissect books with that illusive read-again-and-again quality and learn how to entice readers with our own writing.

oining us on faculty this year is author Kelly Bennett, a former attendee and guest lecturer/critiquer. In addition to new ways to understand story, you’ll get reviews on personal manuscripts from our three faculty members. You’ll hear an acquiring editor discuss why she chooses the books she chooses as well as receiving feedback from that editor on your work. Though no artistic talent is needed for this workshop, understanding the role art plays in a picture book is essential. A visiting art director will discuss how art enhances writing and inspire you to make room for the art as you write.

Take a look at a previous year’s schedule to imagine yourself attending and contributing to the fun. Our intimate small group format will ensure you learn as much as possible and leave with fresh ideas as well as new friends. Highlights also offers the option to stay at the barn a day or two after the conference to write and discuss along with the faculty in a relaxed atmosphere after a weekend of inspiration. To learn more, watch the video to the left.

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Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Our all-inclusive price means we provide transportation from the airport, lodging, all meals, unlimited snacks, and wireless Internet access.

Workshop Information

Begins at 3 p.m. on Friday, June 10 with an optional tour of Highlights for Children and Boyds Mills Press; ends on Monday, June13, with lunch.

Event Cost: $1140