ORA Patricia Gallager Picture Book Award 2009----and the winner is...

Not Norman! But, NOT NORMAN, A Goldfish Story came in 2nd with 5,189 votes. The winner is Chameleon's Colors by Chisato Tishiro. As part of the award selection process, a list of related books and activities was created included this delightful poem:

Ode to Norman by Karen Antikajian

How I love your brilliant color Like a comet in the sky, Shimmering in the dark— No nightlight needed. The lap, lap, lap Of the clear blue water as you calmly circle ‘round, Soothes me to sleep. Your non-flinching attentiveness, Even with my sour notes, Helps me to practice patiently On my shiny sousaphone. And, Norman, I love that you Stick so close to home— Never wandering away. You warm my heart.

For more about ORA Patricia Galager Picture Book Awards and activities for Not Norman and the other nominated books visit http://oregonread.org/gallagheraward09.html.