Peer Presure

I have succumbed to peer pressure and signed up for Face book. I really, truly, honestly didn’t want to, but they made me... Everyone else is doing it… Especially all the really cool folks…

Now, suddenly, I feel so popular. My mailbox is stuffed with notes from people asking to be my friend. People I haven’t seen for ages are writing on my “wall”! Dang, people I don’t even know are asking to be my friend. I’ve never had anyone ask to be my friend before….it’s exciting!

But now what? There seems to be so much to Face book. All sorts of information to fill out (and the temptation to lie is so strong…) It feels sort of like a dating service crossed with a job application. It asks for photos…references…wants me to identify my relatives…and then search my contact list for others who might be on Face book…It all feels a little scary and weird. On one hand it’s great to connect with friends and family, to see their photos, to read what they and theirs are doing; but on the other hand, I have a feeling that all of us are just helping whoever is behind the Face book Curtain find out all of our business. Somewhere, someone is compiling a massive database of everything you ever wanted to know about anyone list…and I don’t know that I want all my biz on that list.

All that deep stuff aside, right now I have one major, major problem. Notes are piling up in my e-mail box, notices that Face book friends have “left a comment on my wall”…But what the heck is my “wall” and how do I find it?