Some weeks are better than others

Ah, the writing life! It's pure joy when the stars align and all the world is  the next scene and brilliant prose. And then there are weeks like this. I belong to a writer support group comprised of some members of my VC graduating class. Our commitment includes weekly check-ins: group e-mails in which we share: how many pages/chapters/sentences we wrote that week, what we are discovering, problems with our writing, pitfalls and successes. It's a way to stay honest, stay committed, stay motivated, and stay connected. Usually I wait until some of the others check-in before posting my report. This week, I decided to go first:

Hi all,

I'm sitting here with a glass of chardonay and a back of chips, wishing you were here with me. It's already Wednesday and guess what I've accomplished writing-wise this week? Nothing. I haven't pulled out Otter Song to continue revisions. I haven't done my morning pages. I haven't expanded on any of those great picture book ideas or created new ones--which means I have failed at my commitment to generating-picture book-ideas month. I haven't finished reading a book--or read more than 10 pages of anything. What is worse, at this very moment, I haven't a clue when I'll get back in the game. But I am thinking about finishing something--this bag of chips.

You have got to have had more forward motion than I have this week. I'm looking forward to reading about it.

Cheers (raised glass), Kelly

Oh, and since I haven't posted a blog entry for this week, I think I'm going to post this message--that will be 2 things I finish...3:  wine, chips, and a blog posting.

Blog P.S. The chips are gone...