Download 'Em Y'all: Teacher's Guide and Activities for Dance, Y'all, Dance!

Dance, Y'all, Dance Teacher's Guides and Activity sheets are now available for your enjoyment on my website. You'll find them by clicking on the Activities Tab. Including!Published by Bright Sky Press, 11-2009 Dance, Y'all, Dance Texas Teacher's Guide, created by author, teacher, creative goddess, fellow VC grad and hostess of the Simple Saturday Craft Days (which are grand fun for everyone!), Debbie Gonzales!

Dance, Y'all Dance puzzles, mazes, word searches of varying difficulties so children of all ages can enjoy them, created by author, poet and puzzle diva Doris Fisher

Dance, Y'all, Dance Teacher's Guide--Even More To Explore, created by Author and Literary Specialist Tracie Vaughn Zimmer. Tracie has a grand website with interviews for writers, book reviews for readers and Teaching Guides to hundreds of books, from picture books (Including Not Norman, Spider Spins a Story, and Sherlick Hound and the Valentine Mystery) to young adult which are created especially with teachers and book clubs/groups.