Tra-La, It's Here, That Lusty Time of Year!

"It's May, It's May....the lusty month of May/The time of month when everyone goes blissfully astray....It's time to do a wreched thing or two/And try to make each precious day one you'll always rue..."--from CAMELOT,  Music by Frederick Lowe, Lyics by Alan Jay Lerner.

This is a gloroous weekend!  Isn't it grand when spring blooms!!! NYC is fabulous! I'm visiting my daughter, Lexi. We spent the day day walking around, shopping, looking at people in all manner of costume, eating...such fun! We even stumbled upon a bunch of merry makers hoisting a ribbon and flower festooned May Pole. Loved it!. You can smell life in the air! Love blooming! Everyone and everything growing, streching up to the that! We are having an al fresco dinner in her tiny Soho apartment with the windows open and the music playing. The neighbors downstairs have pointed their computer/tv to the wall and are projecting car races on the side of the building. I am heading outside to sit on the fire escape, drink a glass of wine and enjoy! It's May, It's May...a Lively Lush Display!

Come on... Fluff Up! Spruce Up! Perk Up! It's spring....time of rebirth, regrouping, revitalizing... The time of "Yes You May!" Make it your YES YOU MAY!!!

I am saying Yes!....yes, Yes, YES!!!