The Dishes Still Aren't Done

I've been riding a hot air balloon the past few weeks. Thanks to my publicist, Rebecca Grose, my schedule is packed with events promoting my new books. This is the season for DAD AND POP and YOUR DADDY WAS JUST LIKE YOU, but DANCE Y'ALL DANCE has had it's share of attention, too. TV and Radio Interviews--including one where I came on right after this song, and a report about a box of human heads found on a plane--books signings, readings, storytimes. I've visited Bank Street Books and Books of Wonder. Both well-respected book stores have long been touchstones for me. I'd slide in like a thief, trying not to look suspicious as scoured the shelves looking for my books, only to slink back out with my tail tucked--no such luck. Well not anymore! I've read my books in those stores (never mind that only a few fistfuls of people listened), I've met the owners and they love my books and seem to like me and asked me to sign all the copies so they could feature them in their "autographed books" section. And...if that's not enough: I made it past the stone lions guarding the entrance to the New York Public Library and down into the hallowed "Children's Center". And best, after my presentation, the John Peters, the department head, took Lexi, my daughter and I on a tour, of this marvel. And, while we didnt' get to "touch" they collection of Christopher Robin's stuffed animans in "Poo Corner" we did get to press our noses against the glass and gaze upon them for as long as we wanted. All this was warm up for yesterday. The news arrived a few days ago, YOUR DADDY WAS JUST LIKE YOU was going to be in USA Today. Then, Monday, the news got even richer, DAD AND POP was also going to be featured. Yesterday dawned bright and hot in Houston. I rose early and jumped on the whirlwind of events scheduled. IAfter the "human head" 5 minutes of Radio Fame, in between rushing to the Blue Willow Bookshop, reading and singing with about 50 preschoolers, a stop at CostCo to buy 2 carts of party food for Amy, Lexi's BFF's Engagement Party, A run through Specks for Party Drinks, and dash over to Katy Budget Books for an afternoon signing and reading and lovely chat with my friend Stacy Morris, the event organizer there, I remembered it was Thursday (it was on my schedule...) and the USA Today issue was in my mind. But there were veggies and meats to buy, party lanterns to hang, table clothes to iron--and my friend Joy, who had loaned me her house to hold the event--was busting her rear right along side me to get everything ready, so neither of us really had time to sit down and read a newspaper, let along go out a by one.

Then Max called from Wyoming. He'd taken time to get USA Today, and open it and read the entire HALF PAGE devoted to Father's Day Picture Books--50% of which were mine. Then, out friend Marty called, she was making a late night store run to scoop up all the copies she could find. When Marty arrived, Joy and I retired our dustmops, wash clothes and cutting boards long enough to POP! open a bottle of bubbles, flip open the USA Today and give the marvelous, brillintly written and designed Father's Day Book Roundup it's fare due! As thrilling as it is to see my books, my babies featured in USA Today, we couldn't linger long. The food still isn't ready, the backyard is a mess, we need more ice, the garbage needs to go out, and the dishes aren't done....

And frankly, I don't give a hoot! Yeah USA Today! Go Dad! Go Pop! Go Daddy Go!