2 Lies, 1 Truth, and a Dare from an April Fool

2 Lies and I Truth: 1.  It’s bright and sunny in NYC today

2.  I’m watching Kathie Lee and Hoda

3.  I’m working on a brilliant new story so don’t bother me

Truth and confession: I’m watching Kathie Lee and Hoda. My defense is the 2 lies. When I planned this trip to NYC, I fully expected spring to have sprung, instead it’s grey, cold, and …. Anyway, and it’s really not my fault that I’m watching morning TV. I’d never turn it on myself…honest. It’s Lexi’s fault. She left the TV on when she went to work and I am now hooked into morning shows. Morning TV is not really the time suck some say it is, either. It’s informative. So far I’ve watched Prince William and his grannie, the Queen, tour his Sea Rescue Station; learned there are only 28 days to the Royal Wedding and that William is not planning to wear a ring; watched 3 “spring” recipes being prepared—poached sea bass, tomato basil pasta and strawberry shortcake (which woke my tummy and sent me looking for food, which led to my finding the new jar of organic peanut butter, which I stirred during the next 30 minutes of programing-thus making productive use of my TV time) ; and watched a teen boy invite girl to the prom by whooing her with this sure-fire entreatment: “Um, yeah, Brit-Crystal-Tiff, get down here.”

As is so often the case, in the midst of all the fun and foolishness, I heard something that just might make the difference. Hoda and Kathie Lee dubbed this: Try-day Friday.

Try Day Friday. It has a nice ring to it. It got my pea brain humming. Got me searching for the remote control. Got me to put down the spoon and pick up my laptop.

Why not set Friday aside as a day to Try? Try something new. Try something scary. Try—without worrying about being silly or stupid or foolish or wrong. And what better day to try something than April 1st, 2011, the officially designated day of foolishness.

Call me an April Fool, but…I’m designating this my first official Try-Day!

Join me…If you dare…