Hurrah for TLA

TLA, the Texas Library Association Annual Conference (April 12-15th this year) was a book-lover's candy store. All manner of publishers exhibited their new, award-winning and forthcoming books, e-books, audio-books and everything related. For childrens lit folks it's like a huge 3-day party...


Jamie Lee Curtis gave the welcome address on Tuesday morning. She signed books for an hour afterwards...250 people waited in line to get her autograph. I would have gladly stood in for her. If only she'd let me know, I would have worn my red neckerchief, too.

So many Texas authors are coming into their own. It's great fun to see them signing in the author's area--with lines of fans waiting!


Two of my VCFA classmates Erin Moulton and Sherry Shahan (both Unreliable Narrators) had new books this season. The arrival of Erin's debut novel, FLUTTER about sisters, adventure and their quest for a miracle is especially thrilling as I had read an earlier draft of the book...I sort of feel like a proud auntie. I read my hot-off-the-press copy on the plane and have only one complaint: IT ENDED...

Sherry's novel in verse PURPLE DAZE , set during 1968 Vietnam tumultuous times, eluded me. I'll have to order my copy. Just as well, maybe as my bags were stuffed full.


Cynthia Leitich Smith's signing line would around and down and up the aisle--fans couldn't wait to get their paws on Blessed!

Not to be outdone, the Texas chapters of SCBWI hosted a booth to promote children's authors and illustrators.

The booth served as a magnate for all of us--a perfect meet and greet spot. SCBWI-Austin went all out to create a welcoming booth!

So now, with my creative and social batteries charged--and my suitcases overstuffed with books--I'm on my way home to Jakarta. I have a lot of work to do before next year. Before hand Jamie Lee Curtis and I need to have a little chat. We need to work at coordinating our outfits time someone mistakes me for her I'll say "yes". I wonder: does anyone ever ask her if she is me?