Wednesday, Work Day?

A writer friend of mine maintains an office in a strip center near her Texas home. She has a lovely home with no small children or other obvious distractions to keep her from writing. In my mind I could never justify the expense. Why pay for an office, have to get dressed and leave home to work,  when it is so much easier to sit in your comfy home in cozy jammies and write?

So far this week this week ( a designated "writing-only week") the ice maker  and 2 air conditioners have had unscheduled repairs, one rat caught, touch-up painters arrived brushes in hand, the Blue Air filters were serviced, the local duty free shop manager stopped by asking for advice on her brochure,  and Sani, the gal who helps our house keeper, Rusnati, had a scare with cancer in her breast (that, thankfully, turned out fine.)

--And it’s only Wednesday...

Anyone know of a nice office space for rent?