I'm Not Going To...and You Can't Make Me!

What inspires: Saying NO! It's usual to begin a new year with a resolutions. Lists of things we "must do" and "have to" and "will do" lists. It's also usual, and expected, that we will break those resolutions (If we're honest, don't we make some specifically so we can break them?)  We are barely into the 2nd month of the year, it's FULL MOON Time, and I've already broken mine...

So instead of more Do lists, how about a couple of Don't Do lists? Here are two :  the first a quit-pussy footing-around-and-get-after-it list called "Twenty-Five Things Writers Should Stop Doing..." specifically for us writers by novelist, screenwriter and self-proclaimed "Freelance Pe-monkey"  Chuck Wendig.

And for everyone:  the list that inspired Chuck to "cobble" his list: 30 Things to Stop Doing to Yourself

Just say no! Reading them inspired me to begin my own No List. Item #1: NO MORE BEATING YOURSELF UP!