Do Overs-Found! and A Cautionary Reminder

Be hopeful and/or be warned: Once something is posted on the Internet, it truly is never really lost. Here's Proof:

Post posting my blog post Do Overs, about having posted an earlier highly-illustrated version, then accidentally deleting said post, I received a note from my sis-in-law, Liz:

Funny thing—when I added your blog url to my feedly today, both DO OVERS were there!

I'm not sure what "feedly" is, but it seems like something very handy to have! (I did google it hence the hyperlink.)  And thanks to uber-clever and persistent Liz (I write that because while I may not have searched hard enough for the deleted post, Curtis, older also internet savvy, tenacious problem solver brother to Liz, tried to find it too. ) Oh, and while I'm on the subject of uber-clever. I googled it, too, to be sure I'd spelled it correctly and up popped an uberClever website. It's slogan is:

We think when you can’t. When you won’t. And when you just don’t wanna.

If I had had uberClever to help, perhaps I wouldn't have deleted the post in the first place...  .  . .  hmmmmmmm

Here, resurected from the mysterious cyber rubbish bin are both Do Overs for your reading pleasure

Oh yes, before i get off on some other tangent, a Cautionary Reminder:

post it note.jpg
Caution: Following Tangents & Zealous Googling are forms of resistance!