Play it Again, Pal! or 2:48 Minutes More

Reruns played a huge part in my summertime's past. (And, good or bad, are the reason why Gilligan's Island, Petticoat Junction, Beverly Hillbillies,  "Dah-dah-dah-DA-daaa/Dah-dah-da-DAHHHHHHH"* & "People Let Me Tell You Bout My Beeeesssst Friend**...are high on my personal playlist.) We never minded--frankly enjoyed--watching reruns. Still Do!

With that in mind, I'm rerunning my blog post FREE BABYSITTING from a few weeks past. For those of you who viewed it then, and aren't into reruns, take heed: If you scroll to the bottom, you'll find a SURPRISE!!!! 2.48 minutes more (Thanks to Ink In Motion) and a chance to win a sweet SURPRISE!!!!

Here's What You May Remember From the July 30th Episode of Kelly's Fishbowl:

Summertime is fun time.  Summertime is laz time. Summertime is read-all-those-books-you-don't-have-time-for-other-times. Summertime is I-don't-have-an-original-thought-in-my-head time.

Here's something that addresses all those Summertimes, especially if you may have had a little too much sun or fun time and need some laz time:


"We want to hear you read it!" they tell me. "How do you say:

Bom bom bom baaaa Ba ba ba booo Bo bo bo beee?
Oogie, boogie, bah bah lou.
Glug . . . Glug . . . Glug . . .

The wondering is over! Thanks to my nephew Will O Bennett who recorded me reading,  and Ink In Motion for their video magic, Author Read-Alouds are now available on U-Tube.

So, here's my Summertime Free Babysitting Service:

Settle your little ones in front of the monitor, click on an Author Read-Aloud video (below), and let them watch and listen while you enjoy some lazy time. Okay, you can view, too--if you promise to act  OUR age!

And a preview of coming attractions:

If all went well, you've enjoyed 12:49 + 2:48 minutes = MORE! free time.

                                                Don't you feel terriffic!

P. S. Should you need more time: Teaching Guides, Activities & Puzzles for these books and others are downloadable from my website. Click on the ACTIVITIES tab.  

BTW: Yes, it's Beethoven's 5th Symphony on the sousaphone courtesy of Curtis.

BTW: Yes, it's Beethoven's 5th Symphony on the sousaphone courtesy of Curtis.

* ** Play "Name the Theme Song" Correctly match these theme song snippets with their associated TV programs, post the name of the show in the comments section and you'll win a sweet surprise! (One entry per reader; No limit on how many can win!)

Bonus prizes if you sing one!!

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