Who’s Pres Isn’t Everything . . .

Freak Out time is now! Next Tuesday, November 8, 2016, the 45th President of these United States, a new "Leader of the Free World", will be elected. Although most of the freaking being done is over which of the two primary candidates will win the presidential election, these are not the only 2 candidates on the ballot— 4 other candidates (and in some states more) are also running for President. What more, GASP . . .

Buzz aside, who will be our 45th president might not be the most important item on our ballot (Especially considering the governmental stalemate we’re now experiencing.) 

What does matter is every other item: local, state & federal representatives, judges, propositions, issues, tax changes, initiative, etc.—on our Nov. 8th ballots!

So, in case you are one of those who are considering not voting because: 

You don’t like either candidate . . .

You're too busy to vote . . .

Or, what difference does it make to you, really. . .          

Consider this:

ONLY 6% of the population voted in that first U.S. Presidential election, held April 30, 1789. Popular as he was, did good ole’ George Washington represent the majority voice of this new nation? Heck no! In that first election, only 6% of the population voted because only “our Forefathers” i.e. White. Male. Landholders were allowed to vote. 

  • What Year Did Women Get the Right to Vote? 1920
  • What Year Did Asians Get the Right to Vote? 1952
  • What Year Did Native Americans Get the Right to Vote? 1957
  • What Year Did African Americans Get the Right to Vote? 1965
  • What Year Did Adults over 18 Get the Right to Vote? 1971
  • What Year Did non-english speaking citizens Get the Right to Vote? 1975
  • 1765: One Huge Reason “The Colonies” now the USA went to war with England? Taxation without Representation aka “The Stamp Act. 
  • Here's more on our 341++ year-long fight for Voting Rights: US Voting Rights Timeline

Meanwhile, in other countries people are wishing for, fighting for, dying for the right to have a say in how they are governed. Don't Forfeit Yours!

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