A funny thing happened when I clicked on my inbox this morning. Nie on two years ago (Aug. 19, 2015 to be exact), I posted musing from 1976 when my high school in Huntington Beach, California tried for, and set--for one brief shining moment--a Guinness Book of World Record's record in lap sitting: Confessions of a Former World Record Holder

We tried, we sat, we set the record--and very soon after we lost it--I enjoyed recalling the event and sharing it, but I thought that was that...until this morning: 

Message: Dear Kelly, when i was a student at Central Michigan University in 1976 we attempted to set the same record. Our total was over 5,000 students and faculty. I have told people about this over the years, but it wasn’t until this past year at my 40th high school reunion that i found out another fellow high school graduate was at the same college and was in the same group that set the record. It has since been broken by the Nissan Motor Company in Japan with over 10,000 people. in 1982. But, for that shining moment I shared my 15 minutes of fame. I enjoyed your article which brought back fond memories. Have a wonderful life. The BEST is yet to come.
— "mj. french" via my website 4/28/2007

No clue what possessed "mj.french" to send that note today...maybe he was procrastinating (as I was when I read his comment, then searched for the current Lap-sitting record resulting in me landing on a hilarious site of hilarious attempts at setting sitting records) or maybe he habitually harkens back to those lap-sitting record-setting bygone days. Whatever the reason is he to the extra time to connect... Made me ssmile, hope it does, YOU, TOO!

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