Poetry Challenge #28-UP For A Balliol?

What's Say We Try Something New Tonight! 

(I'm game if you're game . . . )

Poetry Challenge # 28

Let's Try A Balliol*

The balliol is a four-line poem that has two pairs of rhyming couplets (a couplet is two lines). Each line contains four beats (which you can get by writing eight syllables). Balliols are usually funny and about a person. The first couplet includes the person’s name. The second talks about what they do or who they are.

Here’s an example Cindy came up with:

Inventor Thomas Edison
had light bulb moments in his den.
He lit the streets so all could tell
’twas one o’clock and all was well.

Set the timer for 7 minutes.

Start writing!

Don’t think about it too much; just do it. 


*Cindy Faughnan and I began this 7-Minute Poetry Challenge more than 2 years ago. We now take turns creating our own prompts to share with you. (This one was Cindy's idea!) If you join us in the 7-Minute Poetry Challenge let us know by posting the title, a note, or if you want, the whole dang poem. Scroll down and click on the comments!