7-Minute Poetry Challenge #23-Where In The World?

So fun to toss around than a fancy word for a simple task. An Acrostic Poem is one of the simplest forms of poetry and yet it’s sooo confusing to describe in words. It can also be one of the most fun to write (and thus it’s one of the first forms of poetry children learn). Every Acrostic Poems begins the same way: With a word or phrase. This word or phrase is usually the title, too. (For clarity sake, I will refer to it as “the title” from here on out.)

In short, the title is written in a column down the left side of the page. From there a word or phrase beginning with the letter—which defines or relates to the title—extends off the side of the letter left to right across the page.

Wait! I’ll make it easy for you with this example from Young Writers, an organization dedicated to encouraging children to write. Although its contests, etc. are for UK students, the resources on the website are for everyone! Now it’s your turn.

Poetry Challenge #23


Where In The World?

Pick a name, any name—of a place in the world. Create an Acrostic Poem by writing that place name down the left side of a page. Then, as in the example above, use words that begin with each letter to describe that place…or, if you’ve never been there, describe what you imagine that place is like.

If you think that’s too easy, try creating an acrostic in which the last letter of each line spells out the name.

Or harder still, try creating an acrostic with the name in the center of the line. (Below are examples also from Young Writers.)

Just woken up, I’m famished! Fancy a bananA
Oh dear, none in the fruit bowl. Wish I could do magiC
Like Harry Potter. Over there I do see a pearR
That’s boring. How about sausages and mashed potatO?
Check the fridge-there’s only mouldy cheese and two grapeS
Even with my skills, I can’t make much with thaT
What I really want is sweeties, shame there’s only a kiwI
Phew, food dilemma over. I’ve been invited to a picinC!
Fancy Writing A Poem?
Pi C k a topic of your choice
You can w R ite about anything
Let y O ur imagination run wild
Choo S e the right words
Writing your T houghts on paper
Nothing is I mpossible
Be C reative!

Set the timer for 7 minutes.

Write the place of your choice down the length of the page.

Start Expanding!

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