Year Of Inspirational Thinking

It's a new dawn/Its a new day/It's a new life...

That line from the "Feeling Good Song" as sung by Michael Buble- his name makes me laugh-is playing in my head. Adding to that: It's a new blog year for me! I'm going to take this opportunity to change my blog. Not to say I won't post anymore Jakarta stories or book news, but that's no longer my primary focus. My intention is to declare a YEAR OF INSPIRATIONAL THINKING!

Each week I will post quotes, stories, poems, words that inspire thoughts, ideas, emotion, interaction and maybe change.  (Warning: I am not going to spare the exclamation points)

The Year of Inspiration Thinking begins now with this quote from Antonia Fraser,  author of Must You Go? My Life with Harold Pinter, among others:

"I love hearing details of writers' craft, as cannibals eat the brains of clever men to get cleverer."