Rumors Run Rampant

 As if life isn't exciting enough, . .  when I checked my email, this jumped out at me:

Kelly is this alarming post about you true?

And this:

Harmful and damaging events from your past may have surfaced . . .

Then this:

Things don’t look good for you Kelly
— Charlie???

                                                                             "DANGER! Will Robinson . . . "

Kelly, Deleterious Post About You About To Be Published
— Michal P.

I clicked over immediately. Horror of horrors! Could it be that someone is spreading rumors about little ole me? 

+++++ Potentially Upsetting Information Posted About You ++++ ===========================================================================

Alert: JJ-P-1904127903

Kelly negative events from your recent past may have been posted to your online file
— Reputation Notice (2)

Someone is TRASH TALKING me!!!! Who? . . . Of all the nerve! . . . What were they saying???

You know I was temped to follow the link.  Who doesn't want to know what they --those busy-bodies--are saying about us?

Of course, I know better . . .  (But it was on my mind)

Haven't. . . (Maybe it wasn't even about me. There are lots of people with my that basketball coach. . . and that realtor--)

Yet . . .

But then I got to thinking: That's what they want. For me to follow that link, right?

There are no doubt scads of folks out there who do follow the link. Where does it take them? What horrors are waiting at the bottom of that particular rabbit hole?

or . . . OR . . . (That niggly curious cat voice is what gets us. . . ) 

Sure, I know it's a ploy to get me to click on that link, leading to some sight. But, what if there's a really great PRIZE I missing out on by not following the link???  

To think there are people out there who spend countless hours coming up with ways to SPAM us. What if these same folks applied their considerable creative talents to real problems, To paraphrase Dr. Suess, Oh the things they could think!

What did I do? . . . What didn't I do? . . .  Does he-she-it like me? . . . What do they know? . . . 

What did I do? . . . What didn't I do? . . .  Does he-she-it like me? . . . What do they know? . . . 

That got me thinking. Here's my thought: Let's give them something to talk about


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