#11 Confessions of Vampire Baby--Top 10s and More

 "Ours is not to wonder why. Ours is but to bite. Or try . . . " --Tootie aka Vampire Baby

Day #11 of Vampire Baby Confessions featured a visit to I Am A Reader, Not A Writer Blog spot for "Vampire Baby by Kelly Bennett--Top 10 and Giveaway." Click over to discover my favorites--movies, snacks, picture book authors, and more!


Vampire Baby by Kelly Bennett
Official Blog Tour

  • October 26th Saturday
    -       Review & Spotlight Two-Tall-Tales
    -       Music Playlist & Spotlight Best Books
  • October 27th Sunday
    -       Review & Spotlight Racing to Read
    -       This or That & Spotlight Sassy Book Lovers
  • October 28th Monday
    -       Review & Spotlight Mary’s Cup of Tea
    -       Favorite Things & Spotlight A Dream Within a Dream
  • October 29th Tuesday
    -       Guest Post & Spotlight Paranormal Book Club
    -       Review & Spotlight Word to Dreams
  • October 30th Wednesday
    -       Tens List & Spotlight Bookworm Bridgette’s World
    -       Spotlight Book Suburbia
  • October 31st Thursday
    -        Jean Book Nerd

The "I Vant My Vampire Baby" Book Trailer Contest--is NOW!!! 

Here's how: View the Vampire Baby by Kelly Bennett book trailer on Youtube. Leave a comment. You're entered to win you're very own authographed copy of the book. It's that easy! 

Here are the Contest Details!