What's That You See?

What Inspires: Looking At It SlantAccording to a blurb in the Authors Guild Bulletin, Crime novelist Peter James, spends one day a week with friends at the police force, much the way fictional best selling novelist Rick Castle in one of my favorite-escapes TV series, Castle,  shadows love-interest detective, Kate Beckett. (Hard to imagine the "friends on the force" James pals around with are anything like Castle's Kate Beckett, though...) In a PW interview, James said he asked the Detective Inspector he was shadowing in Sussex what it felt like to be a detective.  "Do you view the world differently?"James asked.

"You're looking through the windscreen at a beautiful summer day," the Detective Inspector responded. "I'm looking for a man who is standing in the wrong place."

What are you looking for?

Here's the trailer for Peter James' new book, Not Dead Yet