7-Minute Stretch #7 Poetry Challenge-Mixing It Up


In a recent “Chat” to her band of merry (and sometimes not) writers—of which I’m happy to be included—Book Doctor, Robyn Conley, wrote suggesting how, especially in difficult times, we could and should encourage kindness.

To that end, she asked us to share stories of times when we entered a situation or encountered a person with one belief and came away with another.  Has that ever happened to you? It has me. 

Diversity: “The condition of having or being composed of differing elements :variety; especially: the inclusion of different types of people (such as people of different races or cultures) in a group or organization.
— https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/diversity

Poetry Challenge #7

Mixing it UP

For today’s challenge, look around your space and pick out two completely different objects (or people). Write a poem that begins with the differences between the two, and end by exploring how they are the same.

Set the timer for 7 minutes

Start writing!

Don’t think about it too much; just do it.

Write a poem, paragraph, or story. If the prompt moves you, follow it. If it sparks something else, go with it! Our 7-Minute Poetry Challenge is not about writing great poetry; or writing what is expected; it’s not even about writing anything good. It’s about one thing, writing IT!

And, if you do join us in the 7-Minute Poetry Challenge be sure to let us know by posting the title, a note, or if you want, the whole dang poem, in the comments!

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