Poetry Challenge #29 The Name Game

Name Game.jpg

Have you ever played The Name Game? It’s a jingle really. And was a popular 1964 song by Shirley Ellis, a rhyming game that creates variations on a person's name.

Shirley Shirley Bo-Berly

Banana-fana fo-ferly

Listen to the song:  The Name Game!

In the spirit of The Name Game, here we go:

Poetry Challenge #29

Name-Name Bo-Bame Game

  Start with your name, ala The Name Game.  How?

Repeat your name twice, stick a "bo" in the mix, finish by changing the first letter of your name with a B. Like this:

Kelly-kelly bo belly

Now, using that as the beginning, write a rhyming poem by changing the endings of other words so they rhyme, too. (If you're stuck start by making a list of words that end with the same sound your name does: belly, swellie, jelly, ellie, smelly, umbrellie . . . ) Feel free to make up words, too. After all, this is your poem!

 Sound hard? Maybe . . .

Sound fun? YES-YES BO-BES!


Come on, give it a try! As Shirley says in the song, "There's no name you can't rhyme!"


*Cindy Faughnan and I began this 7-Minute Poetry Challenge more than 2 years ago. We now take turns creating our own prompts to share with you. If you join us in the 7-Minute Poetry Challenge let us know by posting the title, a note, or if you want, the whole dang poem. Scroll down and click on the comments!

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