7-Minute Stretch #4 Poetry Challenge-Counting by Words

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Channeling the Von Trapp Family Singers today, sort of: Let's start at the very beginning. .. not with ABC or with Do-Re-Me, but with 1-2-3!

Poetry Challenge #4*

Counting by Words

Today's prompt was created for the math side of your brain, because it's a counting poem. Line 1 can have only 1 word. Line 2 can have 2 words. Line 3 can have 3 words, and so on. Keep going in that pattern up to line 10. Extra credit if you can work back down from 10.

If you’re stuck for a topic, write about something you can see right now or your favorite color.

You know the drill:

Set the timer for 7 minutes

 Start writing!

Don’t think about it too much; just do it.

Write a poem, paragraph, or story. If the prompt moves you, follow it. If it sparks something else, go with it! Our 7-Minute Poetry Challenge is not about writing great poetry; or writing what is expected; it’s not even about writing anything good. It’s about one thing, writing IT!

*(This prompt was filched from Cindy Faughnan--with permission. We are tag teaming to create and complete challenges. Check out her website: wwwcindyfaughnan.com for more--including recipes!)

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