World Premeire of YOUR MOMMY at Caughlin Ranch!

There is nothing, nothing, absolutely, positively nothing as thrilling as sharing a new book with kids! With readers! Thanks to my niece, Grace, I had the chance to do that Friday. Here's Grace--and my brand new book, Your Mommy Was Just Like You (which won't even be in stores until March!)

I'm in Reno visiting my family. My mom and  big brother, Joe, sis-in-law Joanne and my talented, smart and georgeous Grace and her brother Devin (equally talented and smart but more handsome than georgeous) live here. Grace is in the 3rd grade at Caughlin Ranch Elementary. I was thrilled when she invited me to visit her class--and especially happy her teacher, Samantha Fryer, said it was all right!

1st we looked at the globe to see where I had come from to visit!

We talked about writing and illustrating and where story ideas come from--and I shared my famous, never fail trick for thinking of story ideas (Shhhhhh! Don't tell!). Then we read DANCE Y'ALL DANCE and admired Terri Murphy's incredible art!

Next we took a vote on which book to read next. Lots of kids wanted me to read NOT NORMAN, a GOLDFISH STORY, because they were familiar with it. But, in the end they voted for YOUR MOMMY WAS JUST LIKE YOU illustrated by David Walker. And so, for the first time in the history of the world, I read YOUR MOMMY to students!

Afterward, we had had had to read YOUR DADDY WAS JUST LIKE was the fair thing to do!

And then, even though we could have gone on reading and talking and asking questions all day, it was time to leave. But, before I left, we had all posed for a group photo! Thank you, Grace, for inviting me to visit your class. Caughlin Ranch is a fantastic school and Mrs. Fryer's 3rd grade class is the best!

Thank you for making me welcome! Write on! Kelly