How To Make Money as An Author

What Inspires? Gumption What to know how to make money as an author: Put a tip jar on the signing table at your next bookstore or library presentation.

It worked for David Sedaris!  According to an article in The Guardian, Sedaris told people "it was all for me to spend on candy." he said they were "delighted because it's funny to give money to someone who doesn't need it."  (Bestseller author, Sedaris, doesn't, evidently.)

Sedaris suggested putting out a tip jar at signings as an "interesting money-making tip for authors."

I'm inclined to agree: At then end of one evening's reading at a Dallas bookstore, Sedaris's tip jar had $350.00 in it--his "best evening."  Sedaris said he netted "$4000.00 in candy tips" on that book tour.

Will Read for Tips!

Will Write for Tips!

(And if you're one of those fortunate authors who "don't need the money" why not put your tip jar out at signings anyway--you can then donate it to one of those "not fun" someones who does need it.)