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For some, it may have been a passing thought. One of those "Boy if only I had dimples, too . . . I'd get to be Goddess-of-the-Whole-Entire-Universe-and-Beyond" thoughts that cross your mind when you saw  __________(fill in the blank). And if you're honest, after my last post, you might have given serious thought as to whether you could grow a pair--of dimples that is--by sucking on popsicles. You might even have popped for a six pack of strawberry ice on a stick--less than 100 calories each! Checked into Cool Scuplting. Or, in a burst of guilt-free glee, googled recipes to make your own. Sorry to say, I still don't know how many popsicles one must suck to develop face dimples. I'm still working on it. . . 
But I did find some interesting recipes for various flavors. Here are my fav fruit pop recipes.  

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It's weird enough to think of someone putting so much thought into how dimples are formed. And it just keeps getting weirder:

Our frieghbor, Brian, just sent me an article about a woman who wanted dimples so badly--and thought everyone else did, too...enough to pay for them--that she invented a dimple making machine!

Anyone in the market for "A fine set of dimples?"
Here's more about  Isabella Gilbert and her contraption, along with other "bad inventions":

It just keeps getting weirder . . .