Let's Make Like Bulbs!

What Inspires: Heirloom Bulbs Chris Weisinger, the Bulb Hunter,  shares his boyhood memory of “one red tulip” which, like Jack’s bean, magically rose up from a shriveled brown “rock," in the forward to Heirloom Bulbs for Today.

That red tulip didn’t bloom another season, it didn’t need to; its work was done. In this gloriously illustrated, informative--and most importantly, fascinating--treasure,  written with master gardener and author Cherie Foster Colburn the Bulb Hunter writes of discovering daffodils, hyacinths, lilies, gladiolus and naked ladies marking the foundation of dilapidated shacks, ringing the base of ancient trees, marking all but invisible paths—“going through drought and flood, heat and cold.”

Like fine stories, these bulbs caught Chris's attention, lured him in, and sent him off searching for more.

Like fine stories, these bulbs survive, even thrive!

“Each bulb blooming today has a story to tell: it has traveled from somewhere, to someone. It was carried in the pocket of an immigrant coming to a New World, or symbolized the love of a child on a parent’s grave, or was divided from a clump in grandmother’s garden  provide a “start” for a daughter’s new home. Each bulb comes with a full and seasoned past.”—The Bulb Hunter, Chris Weisinger.

Let’s make like heirloom bulbs: Thrive, prosper and create our stories!