LGRBT 2012, LET'S GO RAMBLING BLOG TOUR launching my new picture book, One Day I Went Rambling, illustrated by Terri Murphy (published by Bright Sky Press) culminated yesterday at with the LGRBT AWARD CEREMONY. A couple of couple of handsome friends, Pucia & Brujita, drew the WINNERS of our LGRBT Cool Prize Giveaway. ONE DAY I WENT RAMBLING's talented illustrator of and blog tour organizer extraordinaire, Terri Murphy, recorded the festive finale on U-TUBE. WATCH THE AWARD CEREMONY HERE: And the WINNER IS... Huge thanks to our blogger friends who hosted and toasted and boasted  (not roasted) us and ONE DAY I WENT RAMBLING.


June 8:     “Author School Visits BY STATE!” Illustrator Interview by Kim Normanhttp://stonestoop.blogspot.com/2012/06/pleasant-ramble-with-illustrator-terri.html

  • “Kim Norman’s School Visit & Author Blog” Book Review by Kim Normanhttp://www.kimnormanbooks.com/www.kimnormanbooks.com/Blog/Entries/2012/6/8_REVIEW__One_Day_I_Went_Rambling.html

June 9:   “Simple Saturday” Book Review by Debbie Gonzales http://www.debbiegonzales.com/simple-saturday/2012/6/8/things-to-love-about-one-day-i-went-a-rambling.html

June 10: “Vonna Carter.com” Author Interview by Vonna Carter http://vonnacarter.com/wordpress/?p=7783

June 12: “Little Deb’s Doodling” Book Review by Debbie Meyer http://www.thelittledeb.blogspot.com/2012/06/one-day-i-went-rambling.html#links

June 13:    “Four Thousand Sentences to Go” Book Review & Author Interview by Cindy Faughnan http://www.cindyfaughnan.com/faughnan/index.php/4000-sentences/item/37-picture-book-one-day-i-went-rambling

June 14:  

  •  “The Story Continues -- The Writer's Plot” Book Review by Pam Zollman http://www.thewritersplot.com/news/2012/6/kelly-bennetts-newest-picture-book-one-day-i-went-rambling


June 16:    “On My Mind” Illustrator Interview with Alison Hertz http://www.alisonhertz.blogspot.com/2012/06/new-picture-book-one-day-i-went.html

June 17:    “Writing on the Sidewalk” Author & Illustrator Interview with Sarah Tomp http://writingonthesidewalk.wordpress.com/2012/06/17/one-day-i-went-rambling-by-kelly-bennett-illustrated-by-terri-murphy/

June 18:    "San Francisco/Sacramento Book Review" Book Review by Tammy McCartney http://citybookreview.com/2012/06/one-day-i-went-rambling/

June 19:   

June 20:      “Kids EBook Bestsellers.com”  Author Interview with Karleen Tauszik http://www.kidsebookbestsellers.com/2012/06/rambling-through-cyberspace-with-kelly.html

June 22:    “Michelle Kogan Illustration, Painting & Writing” Illustrator Interview by Michelle Kogan http://moreart4all.wordpress.com/2012/06/21/terri-murphys-journey-of-a-picture-book-one-day-i-went-rambling/

Thank you to everyone who joined, liked, shared stories, blogged, tweeted, twittered, chirped, chime-in. . . RAMBLED ALONG!

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Rambling On!

I'm a Rambling Gal/Made a lot a stops/all over this land . . . Ricky Nelson I hope you’re reading this cause we're singing your song—and we’ll keep on singing it from now until June 22nd. Why? Because it’s time! Time to welcome ONE DAY I WENT RAMBLING, a new picture book, illustrated by Terri Murphy and published by Bright Sky Press.

What better way to celebrate a story about a boy who finds magic in the ordinary and adventure where ever he goes that by cranking up our imaginations and sharing stories.

That’s just what we’re doing for the next two weeks-June 8-June 22, Rambling’s Birthday Celebration is on. Come join the fun. Here’s how:

Tell a story of when you found something that turned out to be extraordinary, or a ramble day for you, sing a rambling song, draw a picture---Everything counts. Everyone’s creative. We’re Ready for Adventure, won’t you come rambling, too??

SHARE YOUR RAMBLINGS and ENTER THE GIVEAWAY now! Here: http://terrimurphy.typepad.com/mermaid_waves/

Lots of friends are helping us celebrate with reviews, blogs, stories, interviews---including some never-before-asked-or-answered stuff. Read and see for yourself. Here’s a list of who’s doing what when:

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What's That You See?

What Inspires: Looking At It SlantAccording to a blurb in the Authors Guild Bulletin, Crime novelist Peter James, spends one day a week with friends at the police force, much the way fictional best selling novelist Rick Castle in one of my favorite-escapes TV series, Castle,  shadows love-interest detective, Kate Beckett. (Hard to imagine the "friends on the force" James pals around with are anything like Castle's Kate Beckett, though...) In a PW interview, James said he asked the Detective Inspector he was shadowing in Sussex what it felt like to be a detective.  "Do you view the world differently?"James asked.

"You're looking through the windscreen at a beautiful summer day," the Detective Inspector responded. "I'm looking for a man who is standing in the wrong place."

What are you looking for?

Here's the trailer for Peter James' new book, Not Dead Yet


I'm thrilled to holler out: My new picture book , ONE DAY I WENT RAMBLING, is on the way!  It's coming to bookstores on April Fool's Day!

Illustrated by the creative goddess, Terri Murphy, with whom I partnered to create DANCE, Y'ALL, DANCE (also published by Bright Sky Press) ONE DAY I WENT RAMBLING stars Zane, a boy who finds fun and adventure within found objects.