Rambling On!

I'm a Rambling Gal/Made a lot a stops/all over this land . . . Ricky Nelson I hope you’re reading this cause we're singing your song—and we’ll keep on singing it from now until June 22nd. Why? Because it’s time! Time to welcome ONE DAY I WENT RAMBLING, a new picture book, illustrated by Terri Murphy and published by Bright Sky Press.

What better way to celebrate a story about a boy who finds magic in the ordinary and adventure where ever he goes that by cranking up our imaginations and sharing stories.

That’s just what we’re doing for the next two weeks-June 8-June 22, Rambling’s Birthday Celebration is on. Come join the fun. Here’s how:

Tell a story of when you found something that turned out to be extraordinary, or a ramble day for you, sing a rambling song, draw a picture---Everything counts. Everyone’s creative. We’re Ready for Adventure, won’t you come rambling, too??

SHARE YOUR RAMBLINGS and ENTER THE GIVEAWAY now! Here: http://terrimurphy.typepad.com/mermaid_waves/

Lots of friends are helping us celebrate with reviews, blogs, stories, interviews---including some never-before-asked-or-answered stuff. Read and see for yourself. Here’s a list of who’s doing what when:

Let’s Go Rambling Blog Tour Stops:

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