Word Sculptors Inspire Paper Sculptures

What inspires: Paper Art created from and inspired by "libraries, books, words, ideas..." Somewhere out there a brilliant paper artist (artists?) has been using book pages and words to create adjective-defying  sculptures and secretly depositing them in book places--libraries, shops, festivals--around Scotland. This paper sculpture mystery was brought to my attention in a blog posting by  poet/writer/teacher/mentor, Julie Larios  on the Vermont College of Fine Arts faculty site, Write at Your Own Risk.

Talk about  mystical, magical, marvelous....creations "in support of libraries, words, books, ideas..." You have to see these Mysterious Paper Sculptures for yourself!.

The link above is to the Central Station site where the story, and photos of these amazing paper sculptures is posted. If you can't access it  via my link, cut and paste it from here: http://community.thisiscentralstation.com/_Mysterious-paper-sculptures/blog/4991767/126249.html

The cup is part of a scultpure found at the Edinburgh Internaitonal Festival Bookshop on Aug. 24, 2011.   The swirling words read: "Nothing beats a nice cup of tea (or coffee) and a really good BOOK", and on the 'tray' next to the cupcake it says "except maybe a cake as well". There's also a teabag filled with cut out letters. The gift tags says: "by leaves we live". 

May you be inspired to  create a  sculpture of your own...