Cat Pause

I have loads to do and time to do it. But instead of getting to it, I’m circling like a cat.


Cat-like behavior makes sense, seeing as how I’m a Leo.

Maybe it is a Leo thing?




So I checked my horoscope:

Today’s reading said my “Creative Powers were the center of my world today” and told me to “Let loose and indulge my inner spirit!"

If this flibberty-gibbet, kangaroo bouncing from task to pile to job and back was my inner spirit trying to break free, then it must have been seriously bunged up. Is that why I’m circling?  




 Knowledge is power!” I justified, and Googled it.



Apparently, I’m not the only one curious about this why do cat’s circle thing.

There were loads of postings posing the same question. The consensus seems to be that cats circling before they can settle is a throw back to wilder times:

Wild cats not only tread down wild grass to find themselves a more comfortable spot to sleep; they must also carefully conceal themselves from predators in the wild.

Armed with this new power. I took myself to task.

“Mind over matter!”

 “You have the power!”

Do real lions, wild lions, Born Free type-lions circle?

I Googled that too. That search lead straight to The Lion King: Circle of Life


Now hyper-aware of how I couldn’t stop it, couldn’t make myself do what I wanted to do, frenetic-fied the circling.

Was it that, in my cat’s mind:

  • Towering Boxes=Tall Grass
  • Saw Whirring, Hammering, Workers Gabbering=Predator noises
  • Dust, Detritus, Mounded Mess=Wild

Que the Wee-Um-Um-A-Ways . . . Is that’s why I’m circling?

Circlers aren’t all cats, either. Some dogs do it too.

If you have a cure, please share it.


But don’t bother suggesting ear plugs, locking myself in the bathroom, going to the library, coffee shop, or snarfing tortilla chips in an effort to induce carb coma, because I’ve tried it!

Hey-A-Hi . . .

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