What inspires: True Life Adventure! Nothing so fun as watching a classroom of toddlers romp! For them,  life filled with wonder, so exciting & fresh! Every moment is a new adventure--

But, life in a pre-school classroom holds danger, too. . . Especially if you're the new fish in the classroom . . .

A few weeks back, my friend Sherri shared how one day her grandson George's preschool teacher asked the class what their empty fishtank needed. George hollered out "A Fish!"

I knew right then what they really needed-first and fast: Not Norman, A Goldfish Story!

Today I recieved a note from Sherri. She had good news and bad news: The good news was George likes my book (yes!)

The bad news:

"They had to replace their fish at school because a little girl threw a toy in the tank and conked the fish on the head. The next day he was belly up."