7-Minute Poetry Challenge #24-Ballad of ?


Sometimes it’s fun to write a poem on a topic; sometimes it’s fun to try to use a form. I often use a form when I feel like my poem is wandering around or getting wordy. Forms force you to pay attention to the number of syllables you use or to a rhyme scheme.*

A fairly easy form is the ballad. Here’s an example by Cindy Faughnan:

The red-winged blackbird sports a white
bar dully on his wing.
His epaulet is not so bright;
he’s not begun to sing.

A yellow bar will soon appear
and then a bright red line.
His red-winged name will be more clear,
and it will be springtime.

Poetry Challenge #24

Ballad of ?

Try writing a ballad of at least two verses. It usually has four lines in each verse with an ABAB rhyme scheme (every other line rhymes). It also has a strong rhythm. Lines alternate between four and three beats. If you aren’t good at hearing beats, use eight syllables on one line and six on the next.Remember you can always write a ballad (or haiku or acrostic.)

Ballads are great to set to music if you are musically inclined!

*Some of you know Cindy Faughnan and I began this poetry challenge more than 710 days ago. We were having so much fun, we decided to post prompts of our own each week. This one was Cindy's creation.

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